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Save Game Resident Evil 5 Pc Christine




professional version Need a place to save your game,so that your not faced with choosing a castle,or city to save your game in. My site allows you to choose between two different save games. 1. A generic castle which will enable you to save in any new kingdom your created. You can be in the City Hall as the King, and save your game and come back as your Queen. 2. A residential kingdom. This will allow you to save on any residential kingdom you create. The reason you would want to save on any residential kingdom you create, is because you can play the game until you reach your desired character level. When you create a residential kingdom, you are given a kingdom at your desired character level with which to save your game. More Castle, More Questions Hello, I hope you like my games.I know that if you like mine you will like the games that are listed on the right hand side of the screen.I hope that you make it to the end and you find them to your liking.I had my birthday and I opened my gifts and found that one of my gifts was the christine 3.It was a pretty easy game to get though and then I decided that I should create something better for all of you.When I saw the christine 3 I said to myself that if I am going to make something better for you I should make it alot better and like christine 2 or christine 3 before it.The reason I said that was because I found all of the hidden things in the christine 3 and I wanted to bring that back.I hope that you find my game to your liking and enjoy it. How to Play At the top right hand side of the screen, you will see that there is a x or o.The o is the exit and the x is the navigate.With the x you can move to another map.The map that you have is random, so you will see a different one every time. When you select a map, you will see a few different buildings.What you do is that you use the place on the left to select a building you want to get.There will be a chance that you will get a building that is more important than you selected.You cannot get everything you want on one map, so you need to navigate and find the one that you want. The person that is saving the game is the King.If you wanted, you could be




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Save Game Resident Evil 5 Pc Christine

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