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A: Can you try this way, using the WinSCP.NET assembly. It's a simple example: // Load the.NET assembly. using (Session session = new Session()) { // Connect to a server. session.Open("host, port, username, password"); // List the files in the directory. string[] list = session.ListDirectory("C:\test"); // Display all of the file names. foreach (string file in list) { Console.WriteLine("{0}", file); } // Transfer the files from the remote server. session.PutFiles("C:\test", "remote", "username, password"); // Add the option 'binary' to transfer binary files. session.PutFiles("C:\test", "remote", "username, password", FileTransfer.Options.None, FileTransfer.TransferType.Binary); // Set the transfer progress. session.ProgressInfo = "Transfering files..."; // Transfer the files. session.TransferComplete(); // Disconnect from the server. session.Close(); } In case you can't use the WinSCP.NET assembly, then you can use the WinSCP C# implementation. Here's how it works. First, you need to create a.NET assembly that will contain the following code: [MTAThread] public class WinSCP : IDisposable private Session session; private static Log log = LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger(); /// /// Windows SCP client /// Host name or IP address /// Port number (default is 22) /// User name /// User password /// When



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Universe At War Earth Assault Live Access Codes eiriabbi

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